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Introducing Social Media Links and Social Media Integration

Date Added: October 25, 2011 08:23:16 AM
Author: Admin SMSWeb.org
Category: Internet: Social Media
Today Social Media has changed the way we communication and share information across the web. People spend lot of time in social media websites. This trend has provoked marketers to have a presence in social media websites and promote their product and services. Social Media industry has taken a paradigm shift by just converting itself as a marketing platform.

As we see more and more social influence in our life, the communication gap seems to be very less. We were always wondering how to add value to our paid members and provide maximum exposure to their websites. Today we are happy to announce social integration and social links in our directory. Though this may not be a milestone, we feel this would add a great value to our members. Here are the changes that you would see:

Social Integration
Starting today you will find Tweet and Facebook Like button in link details page. This will help you tweet away or like your listing right from our website. Once your link is being accepted in our directory, all you have to do is visit your link details page and starting action. If you have a good social presence this will help you mine your existing followers / fans.

Social Links:
You will also find two new columns for Featured Listing members. These two fields are optional and you may not fill in if you do not want them. These fields are nominated for your Twitter and Facebook URLs. We recommended you to socially engage with customers and build an authority to your social links. These fields will help you achieve this. All you have to do is add your URL and we will list them on your page.

Please note that social links are only available for Featured Listings. We hope these changes would add value to your listings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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