Art can be portrayed as imaginary way of representing a person’s thinking. Art has a way long history right from where the culture started. Till this day, world praises some of the great artistic works of our ancestors.

With technology impacting our day to day life, art has reshaped its form and has grown in multiple facets. Be it computer graphics or animation movies, art has a great impact in human life. Today tools and technologies have grown in such a way that they capture human thinking in an attracting way. From a business standpoint art has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Design tools, packages, courses and software add value to our artistic thinking in solving the mysteries in human life. Art has wide range of application in human life – Right from designing automobile machinery to designing beautiful house, art has its impact.

This section of our directory will list some of the leading players in the art industry. Feel free to narrow down your search to individual sub category to research more on this topic.


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